Employment Philosophy
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      Companies always adhere to the "man is the first capital." Is precisely the identification, to love, nurturing talents, bring out the best talent, achievement of the top team and the cause of the steady expansion of Hing day.

      With an open concept of human resources management, employee full autonomy, the staff of spontaneous need. Over the years, Heiner talent, all the senior leaders of all promoted from within, staff stability and strong, accompanied by most of the top growth has become a collection of wisdom, motivated, dedicated, loyal, hard-working, self-discipline of the elite team.

"Moves." To promote staff Sui enterprises may grow, invest in staff training a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, of training are used year round institutionalized management, through internal requests, external and send as training, all employees of the company's product, technology, operations , quality system, marketing, management, system training.

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