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Color coated galvanized Yangtze River Delta market week in review (04.2-04.9) 
 Date:2010-04-16  Count: 1385  From: ҵĸ  

East coated weaker prices stop rising, as of Friday, the Shanghai market, 1.0mm galvanized reported 5,200 yuan / ton, Hangzhou market report 5280 yuan / ton, Boxing market report 5000 yuan / ton (excluding tax). Colored areas, as of Friday, the Shanghai market Baosteel 0.5mm Colored reported 7,100 yuan / ton, Hangzhou market private 0.476mm reported 5,550 yuan / ton, Boxing market private 0.476 mm reported 5,520 yuan / ton (not including tax). Shanghai market rally this week, becoming only the zinc, traded poorly. Baosteel recently introduced in 2010 prices, the adjustment does not meet expectations, plus disguise the central starting to tighten money , making a more firm control of local merchants stock the idea of risk aversion. With the market recently, it was close to Hangzhou are more stable and relatively poor market transactions, the current price of raw materials determine the private manufacturers costs upside down significantly. In view of the above, the short time the market consolidation trend will continue to maintain the turbulence.

market, the integrated current national market by nearly a week view, as prices rise, the market turnover was generally in a downward direction. As the car is still strong so large steel mill's order is more full, so resources are still scarce in the distribution, plus cost of subjective and objective factors, so businesses are cautiously optimistic about the state of mind. Stock market point of view, thermal bar in Shanghai this week to 1.8169 million tons inventory, reduce 33,570 tons from last week, compared to 1.8% decline. Although the stock this week in decline, but the market waiting to see an increase in the atmosphere, which the late normal market transactions to bring some risks are still required to exercise caution.

galvanizing, the galvanized part of the Yangtze River Delta region this week, out of serious specification, in particular, the following resources to 0.3mm particularly. It is understood that the present inventory of raw materials manufacturers can still, however, the savings stocks finished little, manufacturers said the price difference between galvanized the specifications have broken the original normal level. Thickness can be seen later with the spread between the transaction will be gradually opened.

color coating, the week, color coated galvanized continue to rise in tandem, with the color coating manufacturers to gradually reduce the stock of raw materials, and uncertainty about the market outlook for most manufacturers do not make dare to re-order May galvanized futures . Therefore, in the face of lower market prices, at a relatively conservative, fundamental to demand to find sources.

Summing up operation is expected to be presented next week, the market price of the Yangtze River Delta coated Yang amount minus situation.

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