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Galvanized Colored Shichangzhouping (04.02-04.09) 
 Date:2010-04-16  Count: 2082  From: ҵĸ  

Regions of the country this week, galvanized, painted market continued to rise moderately in the upper reaches of cold and hot coils market's strong performance under the support of good market fundamentals expected to maintain a good environment to make business. As of Friday, the domestic 1.0mm galvanized sheet Volume Nanchang lowest market price 5,150 yuan / ton, up to 5850 yuan in Chongqing market / ton, the overall average price for the domestic 5547 yuan / ton, up 63 yuan from last week to further / ton; 0.5mm color coated Volume lowest price for the Hangzhou market 6,000 yuan / ton, the highest for the Guangzhou market 7800 yuan / ton, the overall average price was 6,814 yuan domestic / ton, up from last week 63 yuan / ton. As of Friday, Myspic galvanized index to 110.3, up 1.3% from last week.

Shanghai market

this week, the Shanghai market prices remain stable and coated coils slightly upward trend, the market fundamentals for the transaction to create a good environment, but with the huge follow-up resources to continue to arrive, the local < A style = "TEXT-DECORATION: none" href = "" target = _blank> stock continues to rise. Support from the price factor, steel production costs constantly pushed the lead role, as of week 5, import mainstream Spot ore prices rose above 168 U.S. dollars / ton. Second, this week Baosteel , Wuhan Iron and Steel did not put the price policy in May, but a strong boost of up mentality Next, Wuhan, Shanghai, Tianjin, emerging markets such as receipt of some small-scale behavior, resources are dispersed, while slightly raising the price at the bottom. Again, local cold-rolled coils prices continued to firm up, with an inverted galvanized sheet volumes are optimistic about business, combined with low-cost private hot rolling plant SPHC hard to be digested quickly, cost pressures are derived from private galvanized, painted factory This week is obviously linked to high private resources. Risk, the yuan continued to rise this week, now directed at 6.82 yuan, a direct threat to just turning around the export situation. In addition, Shanghai in early 2010 a substantial addition of large futures , the current price continued to rise for 2 months, many businesses increase demands from March onwards volume, and the recent increase in resources galvanized New. Prices, heavy gauge galvanized prices slightly up from last week, 1.0mm Anshan Iron and Steel free flower galvanized volume to close at 5,530 yuan / ton, up from last week 50 yuan / ton ; Heavy Gauge Colored prices remain stable, 0.5mm Steel conventional color coated paper to close at 7,700 yuan / ton, unchanged from last week. Moreover, the private plant Colored Colored offer remain high, and the contract value in TBS, 0.47mm private Colored week to close at 6500-6600 yuan / ton, unchanged from last week. The author believes that the current rise in the Shanghai market to maintain the momentum of short-term zinc price foregone conclusion, and the next week, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel plant and other process issued May long prices will further stimulate the market order. It is noteworthy that, although obvious positive factor, visible < FONT style = "BORDER-BOTTOM: # 6600ff 3px double" color = # 0000ff> bad side is not much, but the rapid rise in the price itself is the risk of rising inventories are a concern.

international market

this week to maintain strong international steel market. This week CRU flat material index is 180.7, unchanged from last week. Europe, the U.S. market remain strong, due to increased costs and Requirements resume, sheet steel prices rise again. Asian markets remain strong this week, all kinds of steel prices continue to rise, billet offer close to 700 U.S. dollars / ton. Overall determine the short term, the international market will continue strong.

flat steel market in Europe remained firm. Last week, the European Union cold volume and hot galvanized steel sheet prices remain unchanged, the main transaction prices are kept at 590-610 euros / ton. As demand will continue to recover and later Thermal Analysis Price is the market forecast of cold roll and hot dip galvanized sheet prices have room to rise. Announced in the Nordic steel sheet price increases in April, the market rumors that southern European steel mills will raise prices, steel price hike, if successful, the European price of the cold volume is expected to rise to 700 euros / ton, hot galvanized plate is expected to rose to 800 Euro / ton.

U.S. plate market remained strong. Midwest hot galvanized plate steel prices for the 890 U.S. dollars / short ton , up 40 dollars / short ton. Earlier this week, the U.S. announced plans to major steel plate prices rise again, this time the U.S. hot rolled coil price increases will push the spot price to 700 U.S. dollars / short ton or more. Market participants said that the current needs of end users really began to rise, but the main factor driving prices up are still costs, and short-term costs of power has not diminished. Into the summer, the mill's operating rate to seasonal decline in prices of raw materials may then be callback, plate prices are expected to stop rising.

flat steel market in Asia remain strong. In South Korea, China, June delivery offer cold rolled base material exported to South Korea will continue to rise in May delivery quoted at 670-680 U.S. dollars / ton (CFR), the Korean market is expected to offer the highest possible new 750 dollar / t (CFR), close to the Japanese Benxi Iron and Steel Factory offer. In Japan, as demand remains strong, the Japanese steel mills may be shipped in June to a local electronics manufacturers and users in China and other Asian non-oriented electrical steel price increase of 60-70 U.S. dollars / ton, up to 950 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB ), such as the success of this price adjustment, the Japanese steel mills may be shipped to the third quarter non-oriented electrical steel is raised to 1000 U.S. dollars / ton.

Downstream News

cars: the cars from the present published corporate sales data, the March automobile market continues to make relatively strong growth. National Passenger Car Market Information Co-Vice Secretary-General Choi Dong-tree is expected in March passenger car sales of about 960,000, increased by 60% year on year. While in March passenger car sales data well, but manufacturers and dealers inventory is growing, and growth does not slow, and many models also are beginning to offer promotions, 4,5 months after the price war may occur. According to industry sources, new car market will reach 20, the balance in April, the number reached its highest level, but on the other hand, dealer orders growth slowed, inventories began to backlog, coupled with capacity expansion factory fast, macroeconomic policy has There are many uncertainties, which may be the incentive price war.

appliances: the first quarter of this year, product sales of home appliances to the countryside to achieve rapid growth, Department of Commerce spokesman said in March this year month, bringing home appliances sales 6.252 million units, achieved sales of 12.4 billion yuan, up by 3.2 times and 4.5 times. The first quarter of this year, the cumulative total sales of home appliances to the countryside products 16.033 million units, achieved sales of 31.67 billion yuan, up 4.9 times year on year respectively, and 6.9-fold. Of these, 11.3 billion color TV, refrigerator 9.0 billion, washing machine 4.2 billion. Substantial increase in product price ceiling appliances to the countryside, which, color TV, cell phone price ceiling be increased by 1, refrigerator price ceiling of 7 products increased by 25% to 75%. Countryside within the original limit products continue to be 13% of sales price subsidies , limit some of the rural areas to improve product uniform limit of 13% of the subsidy according to the original standard a fixed subsidy, the maximum subsidy amounted to 520 yuan.

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