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Nippon Steel Plates Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Xing was founded in May 2003, located in Xiaoshan Nga Textile Industrial Park, is a high technological content, continuous production of a modern hot dip galvanized steel sheet Co., Ltd.. The company mainly engaged in manufacturing, processing and cold-rolled steel sheet, hot dip galvanized steel sheets, Galvanized steel is widely used in construction, civil, electrical appliances, automobile and other fields. Produce hot dip galvanized steel coil 150 thousand tons, for a pipeline, sales income 580 million yuan. As the market surge in demand for galvanized products and corporate good performance, the company did not meet the status quo, determined to occupy a larger market share goal is to become the East¡¯s largest hot-dip galvanizing plant in 2007 has invested 170 million yuan, the expansion of the hot-dip galvanizing and thermal aluminum zinc two production lines, annual output of 50 million tons in 2008 sales reached 1.7 billion, the second expansion of the success of the Japanese steel output Hing soaring taxes, the tax among the best in Xiaoshan city, in east China area of private enterprises have also become all the ranking. Beginning of the year 2010, another Investment 6 billion to build the third phase of the project sheet metal factory, is expected to be completed in April 2011 will be put into production after the completion of the entire project will increase the annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, to achieve production capacity of 4.0 billion, an increase of almost 2 billion yuan in sales.
With the continuous expansion of company size, the company continued focus on product innovation, improve management, focusing on brand building, focusing on team building and corporate culture construction, and constantly bigger and excellent market. In recent years, the company won a number of successive wing honor, for many years was awarded the contract and trustworthy enterprise, Trade and Industry annual A-, AAA-class bank credit enterprise, been evaluated as Hangzhou hundred enterprises, Xiaoshan District, civilized units, Hangzhou brand-name products, Xiaoshan District, well-known trade names, Xiaoshan District People¡¯s Government early in 2009 was awarded to a new level, re-innovation performance of industrial sales output value of over one billion Songbian units.
For many years the national industry-related scientific research in the structure of the comprehensive strength has always ranked first, running performance also were cases before the spear. In a continuous hot-dip galvanizing (aluminum) strip of new products, new processes, new technology development and promotion has always been at the leading position. The company is steadily developing.

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